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We are the premier destination for exceptional furniture, combining quality craftsmanship with timeless design.

Ayat FatimaAyat Fatima
08:22 26 Aug 23
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07:58 26 Aug 23
It's really a fabulous furniture house that provides outstanding quality furniture. I highly recommend it. Kudos 😍❤️
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16:04 16 Aug 23
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19:35 14 Aug 23
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11:55 14 Aug 23
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10:23 13 Aug 23
Good quality remanded .bhot Acha experience raha
Maryam saeedMaryam saeed
07:01 13 Aug 23
Fantastic experience alongwith class standards in economical range ......
13:09 30 Jul 23
Stylish furniture according to modern era , well designed.
Mush RayMush Ray
09:51 26 Jul 23
A very splendid option for beautiful furniture articles. Their furniture is worth buying. I would recommend it.
amina rajpootamina rajpoot
07:22 19 Jul 23
Their work is very fabulous .they treat their clients very kindly😇

Design Philosophy

At Farooq Furniture House, our design philosophy revolves around the belief that furniture should be more than just functional objects; it should be an expression of individuality, a catalyst for inspiration, and a harmonious blend of form and function.

Highly Customizable

Introducing our highly customizable furniture collection, where your imagination takes the lead in creating the perfect pieces to suit your unique style and preferences. We understand that furniture plays a vital role in defining the ambiance of your space.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing exceptional furniture that enhances the beauty, comfort, and functionality of their living spaces. and our vision is to be the leading furniture provider known for our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction


Our comprehensive services encompass furniture consultation, customization, and installation to ensure a seamless and personalized experience for every customer.

Furniture Restoration and Repair

Furniture Restoration and Repair

From refinishing and upholstery restoration to structural repairs and hardware replacements, we employ meticulous techniques to restore the integrity and beauty of your cherished furniture items.

Custom Furniture Design

Custom Furniture Design

Our custom furniture design service allows you to collaborate with our talented designers and craftsmen to create one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly fit your space and meet your specific requirements.

Unique Design

Unique Design

No more boring furniture anymore. You can have your own unique furniture designs at your home.

Kitchen Cabinet Services

Kitchen Cabinet Services

Transform your kitchen with our comprehensive kitchen cabinet services, including custom design, material selection, professional installation, and expert guidance.

Furniture Care and Maintenance

Furniture Care and Maintenance

As part of our services, We Provide Complete Maintenance Service of Furniture and also Maintain your old furniture.

Make Every kind of Furniture

Make Every kind of Furniture

Comprehensive furniture services for all your furnishing needs, from custom design and sourcing to expert installation and maintenance.

Designs Section

Introducing Our Exquisite Furniture Portfolio

At Farooq Furniture House, we take immense pride in curating an extraordinary portfolio of furniture that embodies elegance, functionality, and timeless design. 

Bed Designs

Dressing Designs

Sofa Designs

Our Workings

Our Team

Our team of furniture experts is dedicated to curating the finest selection of pieces, ensuring quality craftsmanship and exceptional design, to bring you the perfect furniture solutions for your home.

From Our Blog

Explore our captivating furniture blog, where we share insightful articles, design inspiration, and expert tips to help you create the perfect living spaces

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